Mesorah Matrix [ Mesorah1000.com ] is a major – and potentially landmark – intellectual-spiritual-philosophical endeavor. The plan well-underway is to publish 10 separate books – each on a very focused Jewish theme – under the Mesorah Matrix umbrella. By the end of 2014, over 180 leading authors/essayists globally will be involved in the decade-spanning project.

The focused-purpose and raison d’etre of the series is to more fully draw-out the spiritual and transcendent embedded within Judaism. These are sometimes referred-to as Elyonoth or “Higher-Sphere” themes. The intent of the quite-unique 10-volume series is to be “transformational.”

There will be a total of 2-3 renowned independent editors, each responsible for multiple books/themes. Each book, in turn, will have 15-20 separate essays – each by a separate essayist/author. The publisher is seeking vibrant and erudite pieces for this major endeavor – from Judaism’s elite across the global spectrum.

The Editor-in-Chief of the over-all series is David Birnbaum of Manhattan, author of the Summa Metaphysica philosophy series (independent of Mesorah Matrix).
[see www.Philosophy1000.com]

Mesorah Matrix, in turn, is under the greater umbrella of New Paradigm Matrix Publishing [see www.NewParadigmMatrix.com] which exclusively publishes “cutting edge” works – in metaphysics, philosophy, history and now, spirituality. Works by Manhattan Matrix are Course Texts at major universities around-the-world. Summa Metaphysica was the focus of a 3+ day international academic conference in April 2012 on the intersection between Science & Religion
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The first book of the anticipated 10-volume Mesorah Matrix series will be “Sanctification.” In turn, the first essay submitted-in was by (Chief) Rabbi Jonathan Sacks of England June 2013. Publication of Volume I is anticipated by the end of 2015.

All volumes will be available via three modalities: (a) In 6″ x 9″ SoftCover via Amazon (b) in flip-book form gratis online on this site and (c) in eBook form. The prime distributor is J Levine / MILLENNIUM.
Mesorah Matrix themes/books include –

Sanctification (Kedushah)
Tikkun Olam (Repair/Perfect the World)
Birkat Kohanim (The Priestly Blessing)
The Kaddish (The Kaddish Prayer)
Modeh Ani (The Prayer of Gratitude)
Havdalah (The Post-Sabbath Havdalah Ceremony)
Search for Meaning  
U-vacharta Ba-chayim (“And thou shalt choose life!”)
Ehyeh asher Ehyeh (“I-Will-Be-That-Which-I-Will-Be”)
V’Shamru (The Sabbath)

Reporting to – and collaborating with – the Editor-in-Chief are the two highly-distinguished and quite-illustrious Senior Editors – Benjamin Blech, Manhattan, a graduate of Yeshiva University, and Martin S. Cohen, Roslyn, NY, a graduate of JTS. The renowned Saul J Berman is the Associate Editor of the series.

Shake the World ; )


for David Birnbaum philosophy, metaphysics, see also
 http://www.whatinfo.net/peanut-gallery/huh/collision-time-birnbaum-spinoza/, David Birnbaum writer & author: co-Editor, Martin Cohen, Birkat Kohanim