Although the 150+ global essayists signed up to date are all credential-laden and forceful voices in the Jewish community, the Mesorah Matrix series charter calls for the series to be open to all who have something inspiring, meaningful, or uplifting to say on the topic at hand in any specific volume.

Writers and poets at-large, therefore, who are young in age or in spirit and who have something of substance and interest to say are welcome to start a conversation with the senior editors by submitting a sample paragraph of the proposed piece, along with a summary of their plan for the rest of the piece. These proposals will be considered without reference to specific academic degrees, professional status, or specific position within the larger community.

One of the key features of publishing in the Matrix mode is that our books are going to be considered works-in-progress through the end of 2020. Therefore, even though four of the series ten volumes have already been published, we are going to continue to consider new pieces for all volumes through the conclusion of the project. E-books will be updated regularly. Print volumes, printed on demand, will simply morph into new versions of themselves as new editorial decisions are made and new material is included.

The concept is to create works that themselves are alive and able to grow into finer versions of themselves as we progress through the coming years toward the end of the project. Primarily, we have adopted this ever-expanding publishing model to make our books current and vibrant. But if we also happen to launch some promising new essayists, writers, or poets…


– Office of the Editor-in-Chief